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Wedding Interior

Weddings are a grand relationship. Made in Heaven, customize on Earth. It is said to be the most significant event in the couple’s life.

Every Bride and Groom has planned their wedding for years so that it can be made perfect. Not only Marriage Couple is cautious about the look, but also about the feel of the place where they celebrate their best moments.

From the entrance to the stage, Chuppahs, Interior Design, Centerpieces, Chair, the seating area to the dining counter, every elaborate decoration has been seen and adopted by them.

Each flower has been chosen according to its taste and preference.

With the increasing demand for luxury weddings, wedding planners have become a necessity of the time.

Today a lot of Wedding Interior designers like Elegantize which plans from

Wedding Decor, chuppahs, Backdrop, Mandap Decor, Centerpieces. In-house or outdoor venues, entrance doors, and stage setup.

Thus “Elegantize” has gathered 5 best ways to decorate and “Enhance” your wedding so that this day can be simply special.

  1. The Entrance gate:

First Impression is Important, that’s why Wedding Venue gates Decoration Is particularly significant. Depending on its location, there are different options for the entrance area of the wedding ceremony. Your entrance can be marked with Royal palace doors, a simple gate, or even two huge flower vases. It can be any kind of entrance. But it does not look plain. 

  1. The Drapes: 

The drape is most commonly used to make Mandaps. Golden and red are widely used combinations.

  1. Chuppah:

It is significantly important to give a separate area for that ceremony. You can also add a magnificent Different flower stage like lotus and other to your wedding.

  1. The Lights:

Wedding lights are an essential element of wedding decoration and many options are available. Table centerpieces, paper lanterns, flower lights, vase lights and elegant wedding string lighting for indoor or outdoor use make the whole occasion stand out.

  1. The Flower Play:

A wedding is incomplete without ferns and petals. Each function may have a different color story depicted by exotic flowers. Flowers can be used from entrance veins to stage decorations. The flowers are best used when they are decorated on a table where guests can sit and enjoy a fresh experience. Floral Rangolis also gives a beautiful touch to the wedding.

  1. Seating for guests: 

You may not think much about it, but the kind of chair you use for your wedding can affect the whole atmosphere. Before settling down with a type of chair, have a look at the most popular types of wedding chairs in the slider below.

  1. The Corridor: 

This is optional, but the decorated corridor looks better than a plain one. Scattered flower petals and a red carpet are just a few of the many ways that decorate the Corridor.

The Wedding Couple and Guest walks through the Corridor, adds more depth into the reception. And later you will be glad that you have decided not to leave it empty.

Bonus: Leave all your Concerns on us and Enjoy your Moment.

At Elegantize, we aim to provide a classy experience to our clients by creating an elegant atmosphere. We are known in the industry for making events a grand affair by infusing our customized yet elegant design elements with your vision. We work hard to make the event look classy and also ensure that every event is executed flawlessly.