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Wedding & Event Backdrops

What is an Event Backdrop?

Event Backdrop is a visually striking, perfect for all events, to deliver your event impact. Whether it is a Wedding Backdrops, ballroom, meeting room or small stage, backdrops suit any occasion, Events.


Event Backdrop Decor is perfect for all events, especially for the Wedding event. a visually striking and flexible branded background of event technology. It is a great way to deliver a message, promote a product, enhance the theme of an event, or build brand recognition. Whether it is a ballroom, living room or small stage, our stage backdrops suit every occasion.

Every Event needs a Back Drops

A colorful and attractive stage background is a simple yet effective way to enhance your branding, style and overall event experience. No event should be unbranded.

Which is why Elegantize Productions developed a unique range of cost-effective branding and styling solutions.

Event backdrops are our latest offering and come in various sizes to suit all types, sizes, and purposes. Whether it is a Wedding, ballroom, meeting room or small stage, our range of stage backdrops suits any occasion, Events.


  • Adds Another Dimension Into Wedding Decor
  • Creates impressive branding for corporate events
  • Reception areas and branded photo booths.
  • Involve the audience at sporting events
  • Hanging room dividers, stylistic
  • Enhance the theme and style of your event by printing custom
  • It can be used for event registration desks.
  • Create attractive backgrounds for motivational speakers


Another great option for event backdrops is to use two backdrops simultaneously in the same design, one of which is positioned upward at an angle to create depth and a 3D feel. This is a great visual effect on a stage, or as part of an exhibition.

Here Elegantize Productions talented design teams develop artwork for your show and set the perfect backdrop for your event.

Party and Special Event Curtain Background

The decorative background can give a special feeling to any special celebration! The party can make any festive event extravagant with gorgeous embellishments such as backgrounds, lighting, ribbons or flowers.

Our enormous list of party and special event backdrops includes fabric backdrops decorative curtains, drape lighting, large event, mat wall backdrops, studio kits and, photography arch-way prop stands, curtain panel backgrounds and more.

Elegantize Productions extensive collection of event backdrops can enhance the charm of banquet halls, restaurants, party rental halls, and wedding halls, available at the best possible prices.

The high mobility, backdrops offering of our party and special event can make any event memorable.

Why Book party and special events from elegantize? 

With Elegantize, you get the assurance of a real party and special event backdrops in addition to an expanded collection of table linens and wedding supplies.

We have a wide range of equipment, to ensure that you do not need to look elsewhere. Salient features of work with us:

  • Quick order processing
  • Quick change on all questions
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Policy
  • Choose from an extensive list of table linens, wedding linens, event parties, Corporate Events, Weddings, and Small Events.