Views and Blooms-Stunning Wedding & Reception at Envue Autograph Collection

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With panoramic views of the NYC skyline and vibrant blooms, this traditional wedding and reception were unforgettable.

 Elegantize Productions had the pleasure of designing a beautiful wedding and reception at the Envue Autograph Collection in New Jersey. Situated on the banks of the Hudson River, the venue provided a stunning backdrop for the event. Elegantize Productions transformed the space into a lush traditional oasis with lavish decorations and custom-made centerpieces. The fresh floral aromas in the ceremony and reception spaces filled the air as the couple started their journey in life together. 

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When brides dream of their perfect wedding day, many envision a romantic event filled with beautiful flowers and exquisite details. In the Hindu culture, it is often seen as one of the most important days in one’s life that is often an over-the-top celebration that unites families and friends. This wedding ceremony and reception at the Envue Autograph Collection was just that and more! The theme of our event was Corals, peach white, and greenery to create a high-end classy affair.

The Wedding Vision

Event design is often about understanding a client’s vision and making it a reality. The client was interested in this event’s lavish floral look with traditional structures for the ceremony to be performed in. We designed a custom-made white Mandap for the traditional ceremony. This is a structure used in Hindu cultural wedding ceremonies. The priest sits underneath it on ornamental chairs along with the bride, groom, and both their parents. The priest performs a religious song/speech for the marriage, along with other Hindu cultural traditions.

The structure of the Mandap itself was made of white pillars draped in vines and bright roses. There were also custom-made laser-cut Ganesh and Om signs from the Hindu culture covered with artificial pink dahlias behind the couple as they took their vows.

Our event design team is skilled in creating visually stunning and thematically cohesive events. The event space was transformed into a beautiful and whimsical setting perfect for the event.



The Wedding Ceremony Aisle

Along the aisle, leading up to the lavish Mandap structure, there were candle lanterns with floral arrangements on the top. Guests sat on either side of the aisle and were greeted with a stunning view of the NYC skyline, with the floral Mandap as the focal point of the ceremony.

Florals & Greenery

A few elements can create a cohesive event, like florals and greenery. We used white hydrangeas, white roses, coral roses, and peach roses for the flowers. To add texture and life, we used vines and leaves between the flowers to make guests feel like they stepped into a royal garden.

In the reception area, we made 3 square arch structures covered in flowers and hanging chandeliers with a luxurious seating area. This served as the focal point for the reception. 

This event’s theme was high-end and sophisticated, but with vibrant colors that reflected the multicultural aspect of the wedding. The different textures and colors worked together perfectly, and the overall effect was a beautiful vibrant day with plenty of class. 


Lighting can play a crucial role in setting the tone for an event. For this particular event, Bistro lighting covered in artificial vines helped to create a whimsical yet sophisticated atmosphere. These lights and vines hung draped across the ceiling and invited guests to look up and take in the magical moment. We placed candles within the centerpieces and around them, adding a warm glow to the tables. This made the tables feel cozy and inviting without incorporating too much light. We also used wireless LED lights and chandeliers to illuminate the focal point of the reception area. By using a combination of different lighting techniques and types, we were able to create a warm ambiance for the event design. 



For any event, the small details are what make all the difference. Something as simple as a beautiful floral centerpiece surrounded by candles can make your guests feel like royalty. For this event, we created two types of centerpieces:

Centerpiece 1 – Was a Gold lantern with a pillar candle sitting atop a bed of fresh flower arrangements with multiple votive candles placed around the base of the centerpiece.  

Centerpiece 2 – Was a two-tier vase with fresh roses placed inside, vases filled with water, and a floating candle sitting inside each vase sitting atop a bed of fresh flower arrangement with multiple votive candles placed around the base of the centerpiece. 

If you’re looking for a truly unique event design, consider asking us to create one of our custom-made centerpieces. This variation kept with the theme but created more interest throughout the room, thus allowing each table to be unique.



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As event designers, we’re always looking for new ways to wow our clients and their guests. The coral, peach, white florals, and greenery themes for this wedding were perfect for the space, and the lantern centerpieces added a touch of elegance. Contact us today to learn more about our event design services, or visit our website to see more of our beautiful event designs!


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