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If you’re busy planning a wedding for 2023, congratulations. With so many wedding themes and aesthetics out there, it can be quite overwhelming to choose how to celebrate this milestone.

2023 is shaping up to be a big year for weddings, with many couples eager to tie the knot after postponing their nuptials due to the pandemic. If you’re planning a 2023 wedding, you’ll want to stay ahead of the trends to ensure your big day is truly unforgettable.

At Elegantize Events, our team of in-house designers, florists, technical staff, and production turn your wedding vision into an unforgettable immersive experience for you and your guests. We specialize in one-of-a-kind flower installation, custom centerpieces, custom altars and arches, floral arrangements, ceiling decor, vinyl-floor wraps, stages, structures and altars, cultural weddings, and other events. 

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Here are our top 4 wedding theme trends for 2023 we’ve been noticing and helping our clients fulfill:

wedding themes 2023

G A R D E N  P A R T Y   A E S T H E T I C 

One of the most popular 2023 wedding themes is “Elegant Garden Party,” which features pastels and neutrals, combined with an elevated outdoor reception filled with fresh flowers. This aesthetic has taken over Pinterest, with hundreds of brides opting for this classic floral alfresco theme.

This theme is reminiscent of the garden parties of royalty, so think pastel colors, large floral installations and centerpieces, and classy alfresco dining. In this style of reception, guests are usually seated at multiple elongated tables, nestled between custom-designed floral centerpieces that set this wedding apart. 

This isn’t just your average picnic. Large floral installations are very popular with the garden party wedding aesthetic, along with thoughtfully crafted centerpieces and a robust menu.

Color palette for this theme: sage green, blush pink, rust red, mustard yellow, and pale blue

wedding themes 2023

O L D   M O N E Y  A E S T H E T I C 

If you’re not a fan of the outdoors, another popular trend is “Old Money”. This theme exudes high class and elegance. 

The Old Money Aesthetic features darker colors with gold accents and lots of acrylic and crystal decor. This theme is perfect for couples who want their wedding to feel like a Great Gatsby party, with champagne towers and white gloves. The old-money aesthetic gravitates towards all-white florals and centerpieces, with gold accents used as table settings.

Color palette for this theme: navy blue, white, black, gold 

Elegantize Events is skilled with custom centerpieces, floral installation, and custom designs. Your vision is our direction

wedding themes 2023

E N C H A N T E D  F O R E S T  A E S T H E T I C 

The “Enchanted Forest” wedding theme is a way for brides to combine the indoors and the outdoors at their weddings.

The Enchanted Forest features earth-tone colors with copper accents, plenty of leafy vines, and custom-made tree installations. This theme is perfect for couples who want their wedding to feel like they have stepped into a lush forest, with delicate lighting and many vines. The Enchanted Forest aesthetic gravitates towards white and neutral florals and centerpieces, with copper and wood accents used in the table settings.

Color palette for this theme: deep green, wood brown, copper, white 

Elegantize Events is skilled with custom centerpieces, floral installation, and custom greenery and floral designs,  no matter what your vision or aesthetic is. Everything we do is driven by your vision for the event. We are maniacally focused on every detail to deliver flawless execution.

wedding themes 2023

“R O Y A L C O R E” A E S T H E T I C 

Think dramatic veils and ball gowns for this aesthetic. “Royalcore ” is based on the visuals of West European royalty, royal parties, and attire. 

The “Royalcore” Aesthetic features regal colors such as dark purples and golds. This theme is perfect for couples who want their wedding to feel like a royal Bridgerton soiree, with sweeping chandeliers and lots of flowers. The “Royalcore” aesthetic is centered around the ballroom feel with elegant detailing.

Color palette for this theme:  dark purples, pale pinks, pale blue, white, gold

wedding themes 2023

How Elegantize Can Make These Aesthetics Come to Life at Your Wedding

At Elegantize Events, our team is passionate about delivering unparalleled creativity combined with our expertise and experience in event design and production delivering events with stunning decor and breathtaking floral artistry. We engage people, create memories and build connections. We believe in no surprises and flawless execution. 

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