Stevie’s Neon Jungle Bat Mitzvah

With speakeasy vibes and an electric feel, this Bat Mitzvah celebration was a night that guests would never forget. The party took place at The Roxy Hotel in New York. Elegantize Productions was tasked with charging up the night with bright lights and fresh flowers for this event. Guests enjoyed the lush tropical foliage and bright lights as they danced the night away. This electric event invited guests with modern and vibrant designs. If you’re looking for a company that can turn your event vision into reality, look no further than Elegantize Productions. Contact us or visit our website today to begin designing your next event!

Bat Mitzvahs are an important cultural celebration in the Jewish community. When these young ladies turn 13, they want to have the spotlight on them on this special day. If that sounds like you, you will love the electric Bat Mitzvah we designed at The Roxy Hotel, New York. The theme of our event was all-white florals for the ceremony, baby blue, purple, white, and greenery for the reception, and a neon jungle theme for the after-party.

The Vision

The client was interested in this event’s high-end feel, with elegant all-white florals for the Bat Mitzvah ceremony. For the after-party/reception, the client also focused on neon accents and lights to create a neon jungle atmosphere.  To make this happen, we designed a large white fresh floral backdrop with white hydrangeas and roses for the ceremony in the theater.

For the after-party/reception, we made a custom gate made with artificial boxwood greenery, fresh Monstera leaves, tepee leaves, variegated leaves, fern, and neon tube lights placed in various fashions.

For the other areas of the room, we made a custom backdrop placed behind DJ made with fresh foliage and moss. The foliage included monstera leaves, tepee leaves, fern, and variegated leaves with a custom neon sign that read “Stevie’s Social Club”.

Our event design team is skilled in creating visually stunning and thematically cohesive events. The speakeasy-like event space was transformed into a neon jungle wonderland.

Florals and Greenery

A few elements can create a cohesive event, like fresh flowers and greenery. We used artificial boxwood greenery, monstera leaves, tepee leaves, ferns, and variegated leaves, for this event’s foliage to create the lush jungle atmosphere. For the flowers, we used white hydrangeas, white roses, baby blue roses, purple spray roses, and white carnations. These flowers complimented each other so well and created lush designs that filled the room with a fresh floral aroma, while still complimenting the colors of the neon lights and lush tropical greenery.


Lighting can play a crucial role in setting the tone for an event. For this particular event, we used

Wireless LED lights for the ceremony stage to illuminate the all-white backdrop and for the lighting in the reception room. LED light orbs were placed by some centerpieces as decor accents to bring neon into every corner. Neon tube lights and candle lighting were hung on the sides of the theater and placed in the reception area with the lush tropical foliage and DJ area.

The client also had a custom-made neon sign that read “Stevie’s Social Club” behind the DJ. The neon lights made everyone feel like they were in a real dance club and lit up the event space with vibrant colors.


For ceiling decor, we covered the theater ceiling with metallic silver balloons, some of which looked like disco balls. This detail elevated the event space and made the theater feel like a neon disco dance floor.


For large parties, you want to design the tables to look just as stunning as the main arrangements, to make your special guests feel like part of the party. All centerpieces had votive candles placed around the base.

This variation of flowers and candles made each area of the event space unique. If you’re looking for a truly unique event design, consider asking us to create one of our custom-made centerpieces.

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