Melany & Malenny’s Sweet 16 at Majestic Hall

A Magical Bat Mitzvah

It’s only fitting that this incredible Sweet 16 birthday celebration took place at Majestic Hall in New York. Elegantize Productions was tasked with bringing in more of the majesty for this event, filling the hall with beautiful floral arrangements and lighting. This majestic event invited guests with whimsical yet elegant touches. If you’re looking for a company that can turn your event vision into reality, look no further than Elegantize Productions. Contact us or visit our website today to begin designing your next event!

Sweet 16 birthdays are such a big milestone in many cultures. Young ladies want to feel like a princess on this special day. If that sounds like you, you will love the magical Sweet 16 we designed at Majestic Hall, New York. The theme of our event was white, blush pink, coral, and blue florals and hints of greenery, which created a whimsical yet elegant look.

The Sweet 16 Vision

The client was interested the Sweet 16’s classical and elegant look, while still using soft and whimsical colors to compliment the royal feel of Majestic Hall. To make this happen, we designed a large backdrop for the cake, draped with soft and delicate chiffon fabric and fresh florals. We accented the arch with hanging crystal strands with a glass ball. At the end inside the glass ball, we placed candles to add a soft twinkle to the backdrop. In front of the arch, stood the cake table covered in florals. Since the celebration was for 2 sisters, the “M&M” table signified their initials. Our event design team is skilled to create visually stunning and thematically cohesive events. The event space was transformed into a beautiful and whimsical setting perfect for the event.

Florals and Greenery

A few elements can create a cohesive event, like fresh florals and greenery. We used hydrangeas, roses, carnations, garden roses, and Italian ruscus, for this event to create a soft and elegant look. When combined, these flowers complimented each other. The lush designs filled the room with a fresh floral aroma, making everyone feel like royalty.


Lighting can play a crucial role in setting the tone for an event. For this particular event, the floating candles provided soft lighting and added to the magical atmosphere in the elegant hall. We placed the candles as part of the table arrangements, and some as the centerpieces with a floating candle, adding a warm glow to the tables. Candles provide a warm, inviting glow that helps to create an intimate and naturally elegant atmosphere. To add more light, we also used wireless LED lights to illuminate the stage. By using a combination of different lighting techniques and types, we were able to create a warm ambiance for the event design.


For large parties, you want to design the tables to look just as stunning as the main arrangements. This will make your special guests feel like royalty. For this Sweet 16, we created two types of centerpieces. The first was a fresh flower arrangement placed inside a gold urn. The second was multi-height vases with acrylic nuggets, dendrobium orchids,the vases were filled with water, and a floating candle placed inside each vase. Multiple votive candles were placed around each centerpiece to add a touch of elegant glow to the tables. This variation of flowers and candles made each table unique. If you’re looking for a truly unique event design, consider asking us to create one of our custom-made centerpieces. For our custom-made centerpieces, we designed the elements to match the backdrop and cake table arrangements.

The hydrangeas and roses added a touch of soft whimsy and elegance to the floral centerpiece arrangements. They gave off a fresh floral aroma that captivated the guests as they enjoyed their meal. For the vase centerpieces, guests loved the water-filled candle vase with submerged flowers and floating candles. This was a conversation starter at many of the tables. Elegantize Productions creates custom-made pieces of all types, from arches to ceiling décor. Contact us today or visit our website to see some of our other beautiful event designs.

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