A Magical Bat Mitzvah

A Magical Bat Mitzvah

Whimsical lighting and ethereal foliage invited guests into this magical Bat Mitzvah. This celebration took place at The Eventi Hotel in New York. Elegantize Productions created a decor with a magical feel with delicate lighting and fresh flowers for this event. The theme of this event was an enchanted forest created with the decor of shades of purple and pink, with hints of coral complimented by a clean crystal, look creating a magical Bat Mitzvah experience. Create a unique and memorable event with Elegantize Productions. Contact us or visit our website today to begin designing your next event!

We believe in no surprises and attention to detail to deliver on your daughter’s dream Bat Mitzvah.

The Vision

The client was interested in this event’s high-end feel, but with whimsical touches. To make this happen, we decked the event space out with beautiful flowers and created custom-made designs. This made guests feel like they stepped into an enchanted forest.

Custom Designs

For the other areas of the room, we made a custom greenery wall that was placed behind the head table to act as a backdrop. It was made with preserved moss, hints of dendrobium orchid buds, and copper string lights.

We created a grand flower arrangement used as an escort table centerpiece. Made with purple-dyed hydrangeas, pink phalaenopsis orchids, coral and purple roses, and pinkish dendrobium orchids sitting atop a large white vase. This was surrounded by various height vases filled with water and floating candles. To top it all off a bed of, we sprinkled fresh rose petals around the base of the vases.

We also created custom-built trees that were placed throughout the room, made from wisteria branches, curly willow branches, fern, eucalyptus leaves, and lemon leaves. These were all placed inside a white vinyl pot and lit up with a wireless LED light unit.

Our event design team is skilled in creating visually stunning and thematically cohesive events. The event space was transformed into a whimsical wonderland.

Florals and Greenery

Florals and greenery create cohesive designs and fill the room with a beautiful aroma. We used purple hydrangeas, pink phalaenopsis orchids, coral roses, purple roses, and purple dendrobium orchids. These flowers complimented each other so well and created lush designs that filled the room with a fresh floral aroma, while still complimenting the colors of the soft lighting and greenery.


Lighting can play a crucial role in setting the tone for an event. For this particular event, we used

Wireless LED lights to illuminate the lush greenery and custom trees. We also used copper string lights along the greenery backdrop to add a delicate lighting touch.

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