High-End Soiree Reception

This breathtaking wedding reception made the guest of honor, Irina Anisimova, and her guests, feel like royalty. With the ceiling draped with hundreds of flowers, guests walked into the reception hall and were transported to a royal wedding that was a breathtaking one-of-a-kind soiree.

Elegantize Productions had the pleasure of designing a beautiful wedding reception at the Weylin in Brooklyn, New York. This regal location provided the perfect entrance and backdrop to this lavish event. Elegantize Productions transformed the space into a romantic hall with robust decorations and custom-made design. The fresh floral aromas hanging from the ceiling filled the air as the couple started their journey in life together.

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The Vision-Custom Decor

Event design is often about understanding a client’s vision and making it a reality. The client was interested in this event’s high-class and upscale decor, with large custom flower installations and custom centerpieces. We designed a few custom-made pieces, which were used as a backdrop as well as focal points. Custom escort card flower wall, made with pink Dahlias, white roses, white hydrangeas, eucalyptus leaves, and ivy vines. Custom greenery wall for stage backdrop with  Eucalyptus leaves, vines, and smilax with hints of white and pink roses as well as a custom-made DJ booth.

Ceiling Decor

Our ceiling decor design was one of the most captivating designs that Elegantize has ever embarked upon. Our flower ceiling installation was truly one of a kind, made with tension wire covered in white hanging wisteria flowers, a lot of ivy vines, smilax, and copper twinkling lights. Guests were absolutely mesmerized by the custom floral installation and were transported to a high-class royal affair instantly with the beautiful Weylin ceiling painting as the regal backdrop.

Florals & Greenery

Detailed elements can create a cohesive event, we do this with florals and greenery. We used white hydrangeas, burgundy roses, white roses, white and black anemones, as well as white hanging wisteria flowers.

To add texture and life, we used ivy vines, smilax, amaranthus, and eucalyptus leaves

between the flowers to make guests feel like they stepped into an elegant royal garden.

Custom Vinyl Floor Wrap

Having a dance floor to remember is one of the highlights of many weddings. With our custom pastel color printed vinyl floor wrap, the guests at this wedding were greeted with large floral designs as they passed through the butlers and stage area to their tables. This custom vinyl floor wrap really enhanced the design space and added a large creative element to the wedding reception.


Lighting can play a crucial role in setting the tone for an event. We used wireless LED lighting to illuminate the stage area. It had a soft tone to contribute to the romantic feel of the reception. At the same time, it emphasized the stage as the focal point of the event space. As part of the centerpieces, we used votives and long tapered candles. With the candles, we wove twinkling copper lights into the centerpieces. This made the tables feel cozy and inviting without incorporating too much light. By using a combination of different lighting techniques and types, we were able to create a classy and warm ambiance for the event design.


For any event, the small details are what make all the difference. The extravagance of this event warranted extravagant wedding design. Our centerpieces and candles can make your guests feel like royalty. For this event, we created a centerpiece for each table with fresh flower arrangements sitting inside a metal urn. The flowers in the centerpieces were white roses, white garden roses, black anemones and hints of Eucalyptus leaves with votive candles and taper candles placed around the centerpiece.

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