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About Us

Our team at Elegantize Productions prides itself on creating unique and grand experiences for our clients. From cultural weddings to extravagant birthday celebrations, and corporate events, there is no shortage of special events. To us, the words “elegant” and “design” are an inseparable match. Located in New York, we are aware of the latest trends and have a talented event design team ready to execute your vision flawlessly.

We are known for creating many of our designs in-house, such as floral arrangements, ceiling decor, vinyl-floor wraps, stages, structures and altars, and more. This kind of multifaceted talent makes us an obvious choice to create an elegant atmosphere for any and every event.


Raza A

Client Relations & Director of Sales 

Raza is a high-energy person with amazing communication skills. He’s always looking for new and innovative ways to do things, and he prides himself on being very transparent with his clients. Raza is highly flexible and loves taking on new challenges. In initial design concepts, he is the first to take the reins and set the team on the path to something grand and beautiful. Raza is always looking to take each project to the next level through client-driven solutions.


Chief Financial Officer and Lead Design Carpenter

A man of many talents, Farhan is both the company’s skilled design carpenter and financial officer. Responsible for bookkeeping, payroll, and other financial logistics, he is the tailored fit for a company built on design. His past work in design companies has led him here to create unique pieces for events of all types. Farhan’s biggest draw to the event design world is the ability to make anything mundane into something elegant. His specialty is building custom wedding stages, creating one-of-a-kind pieces or one-in-a-lifetime moments.

Sunny H

Designer and Builder

Sunny is an assistant designer who helps to solidify designs and build new ones. He also takes care of crucial orders of supplies that make events and projects go smoothly.  His vision for an event, right down to the angles of the lighting, is detailed and hand drawn. This ability to visualize and bring a client’s work to life on the page is what makes Sunny such a skilled designer for our team. Not to mention, he is meticulous with color palettes, making sure that all the different elements in a design look cohesive.


Lead Florist and Social Media Manager

Karla is the head florist and assistant designer at Elegantize. She has a keen eye for beauty and design, and her floral arrangements are sought after by clients with events of all types. Her ability to create beautiful flower arrangements spreads far beyond the centerpieces. She cleverly creates ceiling décor, stages, and paths out of our beautiful selection of flowers. Karla loves her work and takes great pride in creating breathtaking floral displays that add elegance and flair to any occasion.