A Glamorous Wedding Reception at Leonard’s Palazzo

August 30, 2022By 0

When you think of a glamorous wedding reception, Leonard’s Palazzo is probably one of the first venues that come to mind in Great Neck, New York. This historical landmark in the heart of downtown is the perfect setting for an unforgettable evening. Leonard’s Palazzo provides the perfect backdrop for a truly grand event with its marble floors and soaring ceilings. Our team at Elegantize Productions had the privilege of designing a wedding reception for one of our clients on their special day. We put together a design that was nothing short of spectacular! If you, too, are looking to create a spectacular event in the New York area, contact us or visit our website!

The Client’s Vision

Event design is all about creating a certain atmosphere or mood. For this particular event, the bride was going for an elegant, upscale spring atmosphere in the middle of the summer. The chosen color palette of white, blush pink, bright pink, and lilac was inspired by the bride’s love of cherry blossoms. Hints of gold were used as accents to give the event an extra touch of luxury. Our event design team did an excellent job of bringing the bride’s vision to life and creating a beautiful event space that reflected her style.


Event design is all about creating a space that is both visually stunning and functional. For many event designers, this means incorporating a mix of real and artificial flowers. Real flowers add natural beauty to any space, while artificial flowers can be used to fill in gaps or add pops of color. In this event design, a mix of natural and artificial flowers was used to create a cohesive look. Real white hydrangeas, white roses, pink roses, pink spray roses, and eucalyptus leaves were combined with artificial cherry blossom branches and phalaenopsis orchids.

The result was a beautiful event space that was both stylish and inviting. A great benefit of choosing Elegantize Productions as your event design company is that we have our florals in-house; there is no need to contact a separate company for your flower arrangements. Contact us today or visit our website to start designing your next event with us!

Custom-Made Pieces

Event design is creating a specific look and feel to suit the occasion. We wanted to create a luxurious and elegant atmosphere for this event, so we used blush pinks, lilacs, and creamy white as the primary colors, with gold as the perfect accent for these spring colors. Gold, if appropriately used, can be an elegant and sophisticated accent to a design. We started with custom metallic gold shelving, then added gold vases and geometric terrariums. To make the shelves pop, we covered them with artificial cherry blossoms, giving the impression that they had grown over the shelves. The overall effect was stunning and exactly what we were going for.

When it comes to flowers, event designers have a few different options. They can choose to use fresh flowers, artificial flowers, or a combination of both. We decided to use fresh and artificial flowers for this wedding reception. The cherry blossoms, being the event’s main feature, were created with curly willow branches and mountain laurels with artificial blossoms attached. The artificial cherry blossom trees were then prepped and transported to the event, and the fresh floral centerpieces were made using flower foam and fresh flower stems. By using fresh and artificial flowers, we created a beautiful and unique event space that was sure to impress guests.


Our goal in creating the centerpieces was to create a cohesive look that ties the various elements of your event together. Centerpieces are a vital part of event design, and there are many different ways to create them. However, don’t get caught up with making all your centerpieces the same. For this event, we used a mix of large artificial cherry blossom trees, medium authentic flower arrangements, small bouquets of white hydrangeas, white and pink spray roses, and just a hint of eucalyptus leaves. By using a mixture of sizes but keeping the florals similar, we made various designs to create interest while still ensuring cohesiveness in the event design.

The large trees helped to create a dramatic focal point, while the smaller arrangements added a touch of elegance. The flowers we used were in line with the theme and tied together the color scheme of the event perfectly:

  • white hydrangeas
  • purple roses
  • pink spray roses
  • white artificial phalaenopsis orchids

We created a truly spectacular event by carefully selecting each element of our event’s design.

Design Your Next Event With Elegantize

No matter what type of event you’re planning – a small intimate gathering or a large gala – we can help you create the perfect setting. Our experienced team at Elegantize Productions will work with you to select the right flowers, custom-made pieces, and décor to make your event truly unforgettable. You can be confident that your event will be designed perfectly when you work with us. Also, visit our Pinterest or Instagram for more inspiration. Contact us for your next event design, or visit our website!