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At Elegantize Events, our team of in-house designers, florists, technical staff, and production turn your bat mitzvah vision into an unforgettable immersive experience for you and your guests. We specialize in one-of-a-kind flower installation, custom centerpieces, custom altars and arches, floral arrangements, ceiling decor, vinyl-floor wraps, stages, structures and altars, cultural bat mitzvahs, and other events. Contact us to discuss your daughter’s dream 2023 bat mitzvah with our contact form 

We have been designing and producing bat mitzvahs for years and always have our hands on the pulse of the latest themes and trends. These are 4 of the 2023 Top Trends:

1. N E O N B A T M I T Z V A H 

One of the most popular 2023 bat mitzvah themes is from the 80’s – neon, which features bright lights and vibrant colors. This theme is quite popular for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs alike. Our clients have been loving the fluorescent lighting and club feeling.

This theme is reminiscent of the clubs from the 80s, with fluorescent colors, black lights, and custom neon signs. At a neon-themed bat mitzvah, expect plenty of dancing!

With a neon-themed bat mitzvah, it is important to make sure all of your neon elements are cohesive. Whether it’s maintaining similar lighting, color palette, or overall vibe of the party, going all-out for this type of bat mitzvah will keep your guests talking for years after!

Color palette for this theme: neon green, neon pink, neon blue, neon purple

2. D I S C O  T H E M E  B A T M I T Z V A H 

This trend has been blowing up on Tik Tok and Pinterest. Disco has made a genuine comeback, with many girls hanging up disco balls in their rooms and getting back into rollerblading! If you love disco balls, and disco vibes, then you are on trend for  Disco theme bat mitzvah.

The disco theme is similar to the neon theme with bright colors but offers glimmering disco balls as an amazing installation and light feature. With the disco theme, your guests will dance the night away! For a disco-themed bat mitzvah where all of the attention is on the dance floor, you will want to bring it to life with a custom vinyl floor wrap to impress your dancing queens.

Color palette for this theme: bright blue, neon purple, vibrant pink, shiny silver

Elegantize Events is skilled with custom dance floors, floral installation, and custom designs. Your vision is our direction!

3. G L A M  T H E M E  B A T M I T Z V A H

The glam bat mitzvah theme is a way for young ladies to celebrate in high-class and style for this important milestone in their lives.

The Glam theme features all-white centerpieces and floral installations and is often held in a chic hotel space. This theme is perfect for ladies who want their bat mitzvah to feel like an exclusive elite party. The Glam theme gravitates toward white, black,  and crystal-accented centerpieces, with silver and gold accents used in the table settings.

Color palette for this theme: white, black, silver, gold 

Elegantize Events is skilled with custom centerpieces, floral installation, and custom greenery and floral designs,  no matter what your vision or aesthetic is. Everything we do is driven by your vision for the event. We are maniacally focused on every detail to deliver flawless execution.

4. F E M I N I N E F L O R A L  T H E M E  B A T M I T Z V A H

With this theme, floral is queen! Large floral centerpieces and custom greenery make this bat mitzvah theme truly bloom.

The feminine floral theme features a wide array of bright colors and a variety of different florals. This theme is perfect for ladies who want their bat mitzvah to feel like they have stepped into a lush garden with our custom-made tree installations and large flower walls, with intricate floral centerpieces for each table as well.  The feminine floral theme is centered around lush floral design as young ladies enter womanhood. 

Color palette for this theme:  dark purples, pale pinks, pale blue, white, gold

Elegantize Events Brings to Life Your Bat Mitzvah Theme For An Experience You and Your Guest Will Always Remember. 

At Elegantize Events, our team is passionate about delivering unparalleled creativity combined with our expertise and experience in event design and production delivering events with stunning decor and breathtaking floral artistry. We engage people, create memories and build connections. We believe in no surprises and flawless execution. 

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Elegantize Productions is an event design company based in Long Island, New York. We specialize in transforming any room into your vision for the event, which will create a memorable and distinctive event for you and your guests.  We are experts in designing and producing your event for a wedding, a corporate event, or a private party. Our team will work with you to develop a theme and design that fits your event vision and produce it for you down to the last detail.

Start off your 2023 Bat Mitzvah design and production with Elegantize Productions today.